Structural Survey, Investigations and Reports
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Structural Surveys, Investigations and Reports

There are several reasons why you may require a structural survey or investigation, it may be you are buying a new house and would like an independent structural survey carried out on the property or it could be you have noticed a crack on an internal or external wall.

Buying a property

Looking over a house or building will generally give you a reasonably good idea of its age and condition, it may also be that you are in possession of a basic survey/report carried out by a mortgage company or an estate agent and you may be tempted to risk not to bother with any closer examination of the property. At PCDS, we always advise our clients that a structural survey is worth the price, the trained eye of our chartered structural engineers will no doubt spot problems which have not previously been picked up on.

A full structural survey will give you great peace of mind or could put you in a position to renegotiate the price of a property if any new faults are found. Failing to undertake a full structural survey when buying a property could mean paying out large sums of money for major repairs in the future. A home is a massive investment.

Structural Survey
Structural Survey

Noticed cracks or building movement

No one likes to find a crack appear on their wall, however this should not be ignored nor is it cause for panic. The majority of cracks which are appear in wall are surface disturbances in the wall plaster caused by your home expanding and contracting naturally. This is particularly the case for newly built houses or extensions where the house or extension settles over a period of time, it is likely several hairline cracks will appear in the floor and ceiling for the first few months of occupancy. These hairline cracks can simply be redecorated over. However, if the cracks persist in reappearing or get any wider they will definitely need further investigation to find out what is causing them.

Cracks on external walls should be taken more seriously, especially if the crack persists on reappearing or progressively getting wider. Causes for cracking can be anything from vibrations from traffic to foundation movement. If you have any cause for concern you should always consult a professional, one of our chartered structural engineers can carry out a site survey of the property to find out exactly why the building is moving or cracking and prepare a report detailing what the cause of the cracking is and recommending what remedial works need to be carried out.

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